Bond Street & 64th Street, Southwest Corner

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tenth Avenue 73rd Street — 110th Street: changes 2010 vs. 2006

Summary stats for the signs of change on Tenth (Amsterdam) Avenue from 73rd Street on up to 110th Street (done a little more systematically than those for 14th Street — 72nd Street, which means I'll have to go back and reconcile the two, though they're not far apart):

Number of corners: 144

Total signs of change: 118

Corners with no change: 77 (53%)

Corners with changes: 67 (47%)

Newly vacant lots: 0

Major construction: 0

New buildings: 1

Renovations: 3

Face lifts: 9

Scaffolding up: 17

Scaffolding down: 7

New signage: 40

New tenants: 38

Newly vacant storefronts: 3

Tenth Avenue & 77th Street, Southeast Corner
(2006 above, 2010 below)

When I've reconciled the prior stretch (14th — 72nd) to these categories (and maybe revisited these as well), I'll post the stats for the whole avenue thus far, i.e., 14th Street up to 110th.

Then I want to do some slicing and dicing by neighborhood, and even look at some of the moving averages over, say, a ten block window.

And then have a look at what people are doing on or near those corners.

If that and some related pot-stirring looks like it's going somewhere, then I'll proceed on up above 110th Street.

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