Bond Street & 64th Street, Southwest Corner

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tenth Avenue 2006 & 2010 73rd Street — 110th Street now on-line

The "then & now" set for Tenth Avenue from 73rd Street up to 110th Street is now available on line here.

I've also put the link under "links" in the right hand column.

Tenth Avenue & 73rd Street, Northeast Corner
(2006 above, 2010 below)

Soon — tomorrow? maybe … I'll start crawling up this stretch of the avenue, noting what's changed.

After which I may pause before shooting the corners above 110th Street — I'm not sure where, if anywhere, this exercise is going, and I think there are enough samples now to figure that out without doing the whole avenue first.

If something comes of it, then I'll go ahead with the rest.

I didn't mention this before, but you may notice if you haven't already that though Tenth Avenue is called Amsterdam Avenue starting at 59th Street, I've captioned the photographs in the "then & now" set "Tenth Avenue" all the same, as an administrative convenience on this end (don't ask).

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