Bond Street & 64th Street, Southwest Corner

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A quick look ahead ….

A fast run up Tenth Avenue, just now, all the way to the top, with a simple tally sheet in hand (this of course done sitting right here at the computer, no sweat), yields the following overall (but crude) result, which may provide some context for the slower looks at the more or less half mile segments to come:

136 out of a total of 649 corners (21%) showed signs of change in progress or more or less obvious signs of recent change.

This amounts to nearly one such sign of change on average in every one of the 206 blocks on the avenue from bottom to top. The variance, of course, is the real story, if there is one.

The highest density was in the first stretches we covered, 13th — 34th Streets (I'll post 24th to 34th Streets later today), with 41 out of 80 corners (51%) showing signs of change.

The lowest density was from 97th Street up to 125th Street with only 4 out of 90 corners (4%) showing signs of change.

Midtown, broadly defined as 35th Street to 59th Street, showed signs of change at 28 out of 100 corners (28%).

The Upper West Side, 60th Street to 96th Street had 20 out of 134 (15%)

Harlem, 126th Street to 168th, had only 19 out of 142 (13%).

Fort Washington / Fort George, 169th Street to 190th Street, showed 8 out of 55 (15%).

Inwood, Dyckman to Broadway at 218th, 16 out of 49 (32%), but this result is skewed by the extensive roadwork under the elevated tracks (and I'm uncertain about how to deal with that).

These figures will surely be revised as I go up the avenue again more slowly, but are surely — famous last words — not too far off.

These stats, and even the somewhat more detailed ones that the slower pass is yielding, probably don't mean much in themselves, but this sort of simple counting may show something a little further on in the project when it can be overlaid or cross-tabbed with other features.

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